Rules & Policies

Rules & Policies
Fee’s & Term Registration
1. Payments are to be made via the online system – cash, cheque or bank transfer will not be accepted. Please do not try to pay coaches in the gym, as they cannot accept payments
2. Payment dates for term fees ar eoutline on our term fee calendar. Places cannot be held for gymnasts who do not register or pay on time. Failure of parents to be aware of these dates and make payments on time could result in places being lost. The club is not responsible for notifying parents of the payment dates clearly displayed on the website
3. Cobra now runs on a strict “no fees, no train” policy. Failure to pay fees on time will mean that your child will not be allowed to participate in class, please do not send them to class if fees are not paid, it is unfair to put them and Cobra coaches in this position.
4. It is not possible to “make up” for missed classes. All of our classes run at full capacity.
5. In the case that a late payment (following the strict deadline for term fees) is permitted, a late registration fee of €10 will be incurred.
6. In the event that your gymnast is not returning to class, please let us know ASAP. We have large interest in places, if you do not register on time for the next term and do not contact us to discuss the possibility of a late payment, we will assume that your gymnasts place is no longer required.
7. It is not possible for term fee’s to be refunded or partially paid due to holidays or injuries/illness
8. Gymnasts cannot be allowed to train if their registration/insurance fees are unpaid
9. Competition fees cannot be refunded, once a parent commits for their child to attend a competition, the fee must be paid to Cobra as they will have paid the organising body for the competition well in advance of the competition. Failure to pay a competition fee on time may result in a gymnast being able to attend an event
10. Outstanding fees from the 2016-2017 season must be paid before the 2017-2018 term fees are due
11. If a class is cancelled by the club – a make up class will be organised by the club, a refund cannot be given
12. Parents are responsible for ensuring all personal and medical information on the on-line system is completed in full and accurate
General Rules
1. We wish to maximise our time in class with the gymnasts. Coaches are not available for discussion during class time, it is too disruptive. If you would like a discussion with a coach please email
2. Any members on medication (such as inhalers or Anapen’s) or suffering from a medical condition/learning difficulty must disclose this information upon registering for class.
3. Members with a current injury (received from outside gymnastics) must let a coach know prior to attending class, likewise any injuries sustained in class must be reported to their coach at the time of happening.
4. We cannot be responsible for friends/siblings wanting to wait during class time, please do not leave anyone in the arrival area to watch class.
5. No videos or photos of the gymnasts are allowed to be taken while they are in class without express permission from coaches. Please let us know if you see someone operating a camera without permission.
6. All members and their Parents/Guardians are expected to show respect and courtesy towards the coaches in person and by email/text communication. Abuse of any type or form will not be tolerated. Verbal, emotional or physical abuse of staff will result in a members immediate expulsion from Cobra
Class Rules
1. In the interest of safety, members are strictly prohibited from using the equipment other than during their designated class time or unless approved by a member of the coaching staff.
2. No parents are to remain inside the gym during class time unless specifically asked by a coach. It has been proven that a much better response from children is possible when a parent is not present.
3. Gymnasts may not leave the gym until a parent has arrived for collection, parents must collect from inside the gym.
4. All members are expected to show respect and courtesy towards their coaches and fellow gymnasts. Bad behaviour of any type will result in a meeting/phone call with a parent/guardian and further discussion of the issue.
5. Bullying of any kind is not tolerated and will be dealt with immediately.
6. Whilst it is not compulsory, ensure your child brings a drink to class, should they need one. We recommend water, fizzy drinks are not permitted nor are chewing gum, lollipops, sweets and popcorn inside the front door.
7. All children attending classes are asked to help tidy the gym at the end of class, this is expected from all gymnasts. It creates a good sense of responsibility and good work ethic.
8. Ensure your gymnasts wears the appropriate attire. Jeans, tights or skirts are not suitable for gymnasts.
9. Hair should be neatly tied back and all jewellery removed.
10. Do not bring any valuables to class. We cannot be responsible for electronics or money going missing.
11. All equipment must be treated with respect and not purposely damaged in anyway.