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About Cobra Gymnastics Club
Cobra Gymnastics Club was founded in 1996, as a voluntarily run not for profit gymnastics club. Cobra is an artistic, trampoline and tumbling club for boys and girls, aged 4 upwards, training 4 times a week. All coaches and helpers are volunteers allowing us to keep training fees as low as possible. Payment plan options are available for families experiencing financial difficulties.

Training Times

Competition Group

Friday 5.30pm-8.30pm

Monday 6pm-8pm

Wednesday 6pm-8pm

Saturday 10am – 3pm

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Cobra 2015 Trampoline National Final Medallists

Ndp 1 (8,9,10) Charlotte Jenkinson gold,
Ndp 1 (13-14) Niamh Byrne bronze
Ndp 2 (8,9,10) Eoin Scanlon gold
Ndp 2 (11-12) Ella Jenkinson silver
Ndp 3(11-12) Niamh Geoghegan gold
Ndp 3(11-12) Holly Jenkinson silver
Ndp 3(13-14) Laoighse Geoghegan bronze
Ndp 4(13-14) Ruth Sheahan bronze
Ndp 4 (15+) Mark Sheahan gold
Fig WAGC (13-14) Zoe Kerr (Cobra – Antrim Phoenix) gold
Fig WAGC (13-14) Niamh Hutchinson bronze
Fig WAGC (17-18) Dylan Marshall gold, highest overall form score for set routine, highest overall score Mens FIG level

Ndp 1 (under13) Kym Fox gold
Ndp 1 (under13) Susan Murphy silver
Ndp 1 (under13) Hannah Olohan bronze
Ndp 1 (under13) Eoin Scanlon gold
Ndp 1 (13+) Niamh Byrne bronze
Ndp 2 (under 13) Niamh Geoghegan gold
Ndp 2 (under 13) Holly Jenkinson silver
Ndp 2 (under 13) Ella Jenkinson bronze
Ndp 2 (13+) Ruth Sheahan gold
Ndp 2 (13+) Laoighse Geoghegan silver
Ndp 2 (13+) Katie Davies silver
Ndp 2(13+) Mark Sheahan gold
Ndp 3(13+) Zoe Kerr (Cobra – Antrim Phoenix) gold
Ndp 3(13+) Niamh Hutchinson silver
Ndp 3(13+) Dylan Marshall gold

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Gymnast fundraising

Dylan Marshall has started a fundraising page to raise money for his international competitions and training camps, please support him. http://www.gofundme.com/7qayj8

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